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/ The Cure / Wish (1992) / Friday I'm In Love guitar tab

                           Friday I'm In Love

Capo up 1 fret (both guitars)

Two guitars (electric twelve strings)

Opening lick (in unison)


Rhythm figure 1

Guitar 1
(let ring)

Guitar 2

Guitar 1
(let ring)

Guitar 2

Continued again...
Guitar 1
(let ring)

Guitar 2

Rhythm figure 1a
As above, except for measures 5 and six substitute the following
second guitar part:


Then begin the vocal "I don't care if Monday's blue..."
with another run-through of rhythm figure 1 underneath.

Repeat this through the second verse "Monday you can fall apart..."
(The book calls this rhythm figure 2 but I can't see any difference).

Chorus ("Saturday, wait...")
(let ring)

(measures 5-8 of rhythm figure 1 (yes, both guitars))

Third verse ("I don't care if Monday's black")
Rhythm figure 1 (both guitars)

Instrumental break
Rhythm figure 1 beneath, both guitars; a third guitar (uncapoed, I think)
plays rhythm figure 3 (more of a lead, actually)


(let ring...)



Begin 4th verse in that last measure-"Monday you can hold your head..."
along with rhythm figure 1

Chorus again, then the coda ("Dressed up to the eyes...")
Guitar 1 plays measures 5-8 of rhythm figure 1 four times
Guitar 2 plays this underneath:



last time (beneath "It's Friday I'm in love") play this final measure:


Play rhythm figures 1 and 1a twice under 5th verse ("I don't care if Monday's 

On outro play 1 and 1a twice; over the second time add rhythm figure 3

On first repeat end rhythm figure 1, guitar 2, this way:


On second repeat end the song in last measure by holding all chords
from measure 7.


                           Friday I'm In Love (crd)

       D                G               D                 A
       i don't care if monday's blue, tuesday's grey and wednesday too
            Bm               G                    D             A
           thursday i don't care about you, it's friday i'm in love
         monday you can fall apart, tuesday wednesday break my heart
             thursday doesn't even start, it's friday i'm in love
               saturday wait, and sunday always comes too late
                         but friday never hesitate...
        i don't care if monday's black, tuesday wednesday heart attack
             thursday never looking back, it's friday i'm in love
         monday you can hold your head, tuesday wednesday stay in bed
         or thursday watch the walls instead, it's friday i'm in love
               saturday wait, and sunday always comes too late
                         but friday never hesitate...
              dressed up to the eyes, it's a wonderful surprise
                    to see your shoes and your spirits rise
            throwing out your frown and just smiling at the sound
              and as sleek as a shriek spinning round and round
              always take a big bite, it's such a gorgeous sight
                     to see you in the middle of the night
                you can never get enough, enough of this stuff
                           it's friday i'm in love

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