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/ The Cure / Wish (1992) / High guitar tab


                             Special chords  A/C# x4222x  A x0222x
Intro:                                       E4/B x2020x

            A/C#           E4/B           A            E4/B

  A/C#         E4/B                A                      E4/B
 When i see you sky as i kite, as high as i might i can't get that high
  A/C#         E4/B                A                      E4/B
 the how you move, the way you burst the clouds, it makes me want to try

            when i see you sticky as lips, as licky as trips
                i can't lick that far but when you pout
          the way you shout out loud it makes me want to start
                   and when i see you happy as a girl
                  that swims in a works of magic show
                  it makes me bite my fingers through
                     to think i could've let you go

                  A/C#            G                   A/C#
              And when i see you take the same sweet steps
                           G              A/C#          G
              you used to take i say i'll keep holding you
                        A/C#              G                 (Intro)
             my arms so tight, i'll never let you slip away

                   and when i see you kitten as a cat
                        yeah as smitten as that
                         i can't get that small
                            the way you fur
                            the how you purr
                    it makes me want to paw you all
                   and when i see you happy as a girl
                 that lives in a world of make-believe
                    it makes me pull my hair all out
                   to think i could've let you leave

                           and when i see you
                       take the same sweet steps
                            you used to take
                    i know i'll keep on holding you
                            in arms so tight
                        they'll never let you go

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