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/ The Pixies / Trompe le Monde (1991) / Letter to Memphis guitar tab

'Letter to Memphis'
>From 'Trompe Le Monde'
Transcribed by Mark Schnitzius (

Tune your guitar down a half step to play this one.  You'll
need to hit the low E chord.
E  C#m  A     E  C#m  A    E  C#m  A

[Call this Rhythm Figure 1]

       C#m A  A	 E	 Abm   E

       C#m A  A	 E	   Abm      A      B

[End Rhythm Figure 1]

 E?             E  C#m	/B  C#m	 A?	   A  A?        A

 E?             E  C#m	/B  C#m	 A?	   A  F#m

the day since I met her
i can't believe it's true
she came here from memphis
across the ocean

sailing and i saw her and i pleaded
why do you come so far and she said

C#m              E
trying to get to you
C#m                   E
how i tried to get to you
C#m              E
trying to get to you

[Rhythm Figure 2]

i'm sending a letter
i'll send it right to you
i'll send it to memphis
i know that someday

everything i needed and i wanted
used to be that in my head was haunted

[with Rhythm Figure 1]
and all these sirens they make me mad
and all this violence it brings me down
i feel strong
i feel lucky

trying to get to you
said i'm going to get to you
trying to get to you

[Rhythm Figure 2]  E

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