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/ ZZ Top / Tres Hombres (1973) / Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers guitar tab

Beer Drinkin' and Hell Raisin' -- ZZ TOP

The rhythm is repetitious, a straightforward 12 bar blue pattern. I don't
play the solo on this one, just the rhythm, so that's all I've provided.
I play it with these chords:

Em7	075700
E	X7999X
D	X5777X
A6      59XXXX
B5      79XXXX
B6      711XXXX


Intro (twice)

Em7 groove, ending with:


If you see me walkin' down the line,
with my fav'rite honky tonk in mind,

well, I'll be here around suppertime
        Em7                 E     D
with my can of dinner and a bunch of fine.

A5   A6   A5   A6 etc. Em7
Beer drinkers and hell raisers, yeah.

B5 B6 B5 B6 A5    A6        A5    A6        Em7 (with intro riff)
Uh-huh-huh, baby, don't you wanna come with me?

The crowd gets loud when the band gets right,
steel guitar cryin' through the night.

Yeah, try'n to cover up the corner fight but
ev'rything's cool 'cause they's just tight.

Beer drinkers and hell raisers, yeah.
Huh, baby, don't you wanna come with me?

	Ah, play it boy.

The joint was jumpin' like a cat on hot tin.
Lord, I thought the floor was gonna give in.

Soundin' a lot like a House Congressional
'cause we're experimental and professional.

Beer drinkers, hell raisers, yeah.
Well, baby, don't you wanna come with me?

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