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Bad Religion

  The Empire Strikes First (2004)

The Empire Strikes First tabs
01. Overture tab  bass tab 
02. Sinister Rouge tab  bass tab 
03. Social Suicide tab 
04. Atheist Peace tab 
05. All There Is tab  bass tab 
06. Los Angeles Is Burning tab  bass tab 
07. Let Them Eat War tab  bass tab 
08. God's Love tab  bass tab 
09. To Another Abyss tab  bass tab 
10. The Quickening
11. The Empire Strikes First tab  bass tab 
12. Beyond Electric Dreams tab  bass tab 
13. Boot Stamping on a Human Face Forever tab  bass tab 
14. Live Again (The Fall of Man) tab 

Bad Religion albums
 2004The Empire Strikes First 
 2002The Process of Belief 
 2000The New America 
 1998No Substance 
 1996The Gray Race 
 1996The Grey Race 
 1994Stranger Than Fiction 
 1993Recipe for Hate 
 1990Against The Grain 
 1989No Control 
 1983Into the Unknown 
 1982How Could Hell Be Any Worse? 
 Los Angeles Is Burning