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David Bowie

  Heroes (1977)

Heroes tabs

David Bowie albums
 1995The Buddha of Suburbia 
 1993Black Tie White Noise 
 1987Never Let Me Down 
 1983Let's Dance 
 1982Christiane F. Wir Kinder 
 1980Scary Monsters 
 1978Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf 
 1976Station to Station 
 1975Young Americans 
 1974Diamond Dogs 
 1973Pin Ups 
 1973Aladdin Sane 
 1972Ziggy Stardust 
 1971Hunky Dory 
 1970The Man Who Sold the World 
 1969Man of Words/Man of Music 
 1969Space Oddity 
 1967David Bowie