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Dead Kennedys

  Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death (1987)

Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death tabs
01. Police Truck tab  bass tab 
02. Too Drunk to Fuck tab  bass tab 
03. California Über Alles tab  bass tab 
04. The Man With the Dogs tab  bass tab 
05. In-Sight
06. Life Sentence
07. A Child and His Lawn Mower tab  bass tab 
08. Holiday in Cambodia tab  bass tab 
09. I Fought the Law tab  bass tab 
10. Saturday Night Holocaust bass tab 
11. Pull My Strings tab  bass tab 
12. Short Songs tab  bass tab 
13. Straight A's tab  bass tab 
14. Kinky Sex (Makes the World Go Around)
15. The Prey tab  bass tab 
16. Night of the Living Rednecks
17. Buzzbomb from Pasadena

Dead Kennedys albums
 2001Mutiny on the Bay 
 1987Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death 
 1986Bedtime for Democracy 
 1982Plastic Surgery Disasters 
 1980Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables