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dEUS tabs
 A Shocking Lack Thereof tab 
 Disappointed In The Sun tab  bass tab 
 Divebomb Djingle tab 
 Dream Sequence No.1 tab 
 Everybody's Weird tab 
 Fell Off The Floor, Man tab 
 For The Roses tab 
 Gimme The Heat tab 
 Glovesong tab 
 Great American Nude tab 
 Guilty Pleasures tab 
 Hotellounge (be The Death Of Me) tab 
 How To Row A Cat tab 
 I Don't Mind What Ever Happens tab 
 Instant Street tab  bass tab 
 Jigsaw You tab  bass tab 
 Let's See Who Goes Down First tab 
 Lets Get Lost tab 
 Little Arithmetics tab  bass tab 
 Little Ghost tab 
 Magdalena tab 
 Memory Of A Festival tab 
 Middlewave tab  bass tab 
 Morticiachair tab  bass tab 
 Mute tab  bass tab 
 Nine Threads tab 
 One Advice, Space tab 
 Opening Night tab 
 Put The Freaks Up Front tab 
 Right As Rain tab 
 Sans Titre Pour Sira tab 
 Secret Hell tab 
 Serpentine tab 
 Shake Your Hip tab 
 Sister Dew tab 
 Suds & Soda tab  bass tab 
 Supermarketsong tab  bass tab 
 The Horror Partyjokes tab 
 The Ideal Crash tab 
 The Magic Hour tab 
 Theme From Turnpike tab 
 Via tab  bass tab 
 W. C. S. (first Draft) tab 
 Wake Me Up Before I Sleep tab  bass tab