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 Bury Me in Smoke tab  bass tab 
 Dog Tired tab 
 Eyes of the South tab  bass tab 
 Ghosts Along the Mississippi tab  bass tab 
 Hail the Leaf tab  bass tab 
 Jail tab  bass tab 
 Landing on the Mountains of Meggido tab 
 Learn From This Mistake tab 
 Lifer tab 
 Losing All tab 
 Lysergik Funeral Procession tab  bass tab 
 New Orleans Is a Dying Whore tab  bass tab 
 Pillars of Eternity tab 
 Pray for the Locust tab 
 Rehab tab 
 Stained Glass Cross tab 
 Swan Song tab 
 Temptation's Wings tab 
 The Man That Follows Hell tab 
 There's Something on My Side tab 
 Underneath Everything tab