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Hanson tabs
 A Minute Without You tab 
 A Song to Sing tab 
 At Christmas tab 
 Believe tab 
 Broken Angel tab 
 Can't Stop tab 
 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) tab 
 Crazy Beautiful tab 
 Deeper tab 
 Dying to Be Alive tab 
 Get Up and Go tab  bass tab 
 Hand in Hand tab 
 Hey tab 
 I Will Come to You tab 
 If Only tab  bass tab 
 In the City tab 
 Lost Without Each Other tab  bass tab 
 Love Song tab 
 Lucy tab 
 Madeline tab 
 Man from Milwaukee tab  bass tab 
 Misery tab 
 MMMBop tab  bass tab 
 Penny & Me tab 
 Runaway Run tab  bass tab 
 Save Me tab 
 Strong Enough to Break tab 
 Sure About It tab 
 Thinking of You tab  bass tab 
 This Time Around tab  bass tab 
 Underneath tab 
 Weird tab 
 What Christmas Means to Me bass tab 
 When You're Gone tab 
 Where's the Love tab 
 Wish That I Was There tab 
 Yearbook tab 
 You Never Know tab  bass tab