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Indigo Girls

Indigo Girls tabs
 1 2 3 tab 
 Blood and Fire tab 
 Cedar Tree tab 
 Center Stage tab 
 Closer to Fine tab 
 Come on Home tab 
 Crazy Game tab 
 Crazy Game tab 
 Dairy Queen tab 
 Dead Man's Hill tab 
 Don't Give That Girl a Gun tab 
 Fare Thee Well tab 
 Fill It Up Again tab 
 Fugitive tab 
 Galileo tab 
 Get Out the Map tab 
 Ghost tab 
 Girl With the Weight of the World in Her Hands tab 
 Go tab 
 Hand Me Downs tab 
 Hey Jesus tab 
 Hey Kind Friend tab 
 History of Us tab 
 Hope Alone tab 
 I Don't Wanna Know tab 
 It's Alright tab 
 Joking tab 
 Jonas and Ezekial tab 
 Keeper of My Heart tab 
 Kid Fears tab 
 Land of Canaan tab 
 Land of Canaan tab 
 Least Complicated tab 
 Left Me a Fool tab 
 Love Will Come to You tab 
 Love's Recovery tab 
 Mystery tab 
 Nashville tab 
 Our Deliverance tab 
 Perfect World tab 
 Power of Two tab 
 Prince of Darkness tab 
 Pushing the Needle Too Far tab 
 Reunion tab 
 Romeo and Juliet tab 
 Secure Yourself tab 
 Shame on You tab 
 Shed Your Skin tab 
 Southland in the Springtime tab 
 Strange Fire tab 
 The Wood Song tab 
 Three Hits tab 
 Touch Me Fall tab 
 Tried to Be True tab 
 Virginia Woolf tab 
 Walk Away tab 
 Watershed tab 
 Welcome Me tab 
 World Falls tab 
 Yield tab 
 You Left It up to Me tab