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Moody Blues

Moody Blues tabs
 Bless The Wings (That Bring You Back) tab 
 Dear Diary tab 
 Dr. Livingstone, I Presume? tab 
 Driftwood tab 
 Eyes Of A Child tab 
 For My Lady tab 
 Had To Fall In Love tab 
 Have You Heard, pt. 1 tab 
 I'm Your Man tab 
 In My World tab 
 Lazy Day tab 
 Legend of a Mind tab  bass tab 
 Lost In A Lost World tab 
 Love And Beauty tab 
 Lovely To See You tab 
 Nervous tab 
 New Horizons tab 
 One More Time To Live tab 
 One Step Into The Light tab 
 Ride My See-Saw tab 
 Send Me No Wine tab 
 So Deep Within You tab 
 Sun Is Still Shining tab 
 Survival tab 
 The Best Way to Travel tab 
 The Day We Meet Again tab 
 The Other Side Of Life tab 
 The Story In Your Eyes tab 
 The Voice tab 
 To Share Our Love tab 
 Top Rank Suite tab 
 Under Moonshine tab 
 Watching And Waiting tab 
 You And Me tab 
 You Can Never Go Home tab