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Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene tabs
 40 Past Midnight tab 
 Better Day tab 
 Big Star tab 
 Biggest Thing tab 
 Debris Road tab 
 Emily Chambers tab 
 Fleeting Mind tab 
 Foxy's Folk Faced tab 
 Get Away tab 
 Get Blown Away tab 
 Give Me a Letter tab 
 Half a Dream Away tab 
 Hundred Mile High City tab  bass tab 
 It's a Beautiful Thing tab 
 It's My Shadow tab 
 July tab  bass tab 
 Justine tab 
 Lining Your Pockets tab 
 North Atlantic Drift tab 
 Oh Collector tab 
 One For The Road tab 
 Policemen And Pirates tab 
 So Low tab 
 Spark and Cindy tab 
 Tele He's Not Talking tab 
 The Circle tab  bass tab 
 The Day We Caught The Train tab  bass tab 
 The Downstream tab 
 The Riverboat Song tab  bass tab 
 Third Shade of Green tab 
 Travellers Tune tab 
 Up on the Downside tab  bass tab 
 You've Got It Bad tab