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Phantom Planet

Phantom Planet tabs
 1st Things 1st tab  bass tab 
 After Hours tab 
 All Over Again tab 
 Always on My Mind tab  bass tab 
 Anthem tab 
 Badd Business bass tab 
 Big Brat tab  bass tab 
 California tab  bass tab 
 California (live) tab 
 Down in a Second tab 
 Hey Now Girl tab 
 Knowitall tab  bass tab 
 Lisa (Does It Hurt You?) tab 
 Lonely Day tab  bass tab 
 Making a Killing tab  bass tab 
 One Ray of Sunlight tab 
 So I Fall Again tab 
 Something Is Wrong tab 
 The Local Black and Red tab 
 The Meantime bass tab 
 Turn Smile Shift Repeat bass tab 
 Wishing Well tab