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Poison the Well

  You Come Before You (2003)

You Come Before You tabs
01. Ghostchant tab  bass tab 
02. Loved Ones (Excerpts from Speeches of How Great You Were and Will Never...) tab  bass tab 
03. For a Bandaged Iris tab  bass tab 
04. Meeting Again for the First Time tab  bass tab 
05. A) The View from Here Is... B) A Brick Wall bass tab 
06. The Realist bass tab 
07. Zombies Are Good for Your Health tab  bass tab 
08. The Opinionated Are So Opinionated bass tab 
09. Apathy Is a Cold Body tab  bass tab 
10. Sounds Like the End of the World bass tab 
11. Pleasant Bullet bass tab 
12. Crystal Lake tab  bass tab 

Poison the Well albums
 2003You Come Before You 
 2002Tear From the Red 
 2002Distance Makes... 
 1999The Opposite of December