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 Another Worldly Device tab 
 Avenue of the Finest tab 
 Beg to Differ tab 
 Caprice tab 
 Close the Door tab 
 Controller tab 
 Dark Signs tab 
 Face Value tab 
 Home Rule tab 
 Innocence Gone tab 
 Look up at the Sun tab 
 Mansruin tab 
 No Question tab 
 Not of This Earth tab 
 Out of This Misery tab 
 Prime Cut tab 
 Proud Division tab 
 Rude Awakening tab 
 Senseless Abuse tab 
 Slicing tab 
 Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck tab  bass tab 
 Sublime tab 
 Test tab 
 Unfortunately tab 
 Whose Fist Is This Anyway tab 
 Without Hope tab