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Queensryche tabs
 Anarchy-X tab  bass tab 
 Another Rainy Night (Without You) tab 
 Anybody Listening? tab 
 Breaking The Silence tab 
 Bridge tab 
 Electric Requiem tab 
 Empire tab 
 Eyes Of A Stranger tab 
 I Am I tab 
 I Don't Believe In Love tab 
 I Will Remember tab 
 Jet City Woman tab 
 My Empty Room tab 
 Neue Regel tab 
 Operation: Mindcrime tab  bass tab 
 Resistance tab 
 Revolution Calling tab  bass tab 
 Roads To Madness tab 
 Silent Lucidity tab 
 Speak tab  bass tab 
 Spreading The Disease tab 
 Suite Sister Mary tab 
 The Killing Words tab 
 The Mission tab 
 The Needle Lies tab 
 Waiting For 22 tab