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Rage tabs
 Baby, I'm Your Nightmare tab 
 Back in Time tab 
 Black in Mind tab 
 Certain Days tab  bass tab 
 Days of December tab 
 Deep in the Blackest Hole tab 
 Desperation tab 
 Dies Irae tab 
 Down tab 
 Down by law tab 
 End of All Days tab 
 Enough is Enough tab 
 From the Underworld tab 
 Higher Than the Sky tab 
 Lost in the Ice tab 
 Nevermore tab 
 Not Forever tab 
 Raw Caress tab 
 Refuge tab 
 Sent By The Devil tab 
 Shame on You tab 
 Solitary Man tab 
 Straight to Hell tab 
 The Price Of War bass tab 
 Vanished in Haze tab 
 Vertigo bass tab 
 Voice from the Vault tab