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The Red Hot Chili Peppers

  Out In L.A. (1994)

Out In L.A. tabs
01. Higher Ground tab  bass tab 
02. Hollywood (Africa) bass tab 
03. If You Want Me to Stay bass tab 
04. Behind the Sun tab 
05. Castles Made of Sand tab  bass tab 
06. Special Secret Song Inside tab  bass tab 
07. F.U. tab  bass tab 
08. Get up and Jump tab  bass tab 
09. Out in L.A. tab  bass tab 
10. Green Heaven tab  bass tab 
11. Police Helicopter tab  bass tab 
12. Nevermind tab  bass tab 
13. Sex Rap tab  bass tab 
14. Blues for Meister bass tab 
15. You Always Sing the Same
16. Stranded
17. Flea Fly
18. What It Is bass tab 
19. Deck the Halls

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 1994Out In L.A. 
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 1989Mother's Milk 
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