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Saxon tabs
 747 (Strangers In the Night) tab 
 747 (Strangers in the Night) tab 
 And The Bands Played On tab 
 Back On The Streets bass tab 
 Backs to the Wall tab 
 Broken Heroes tab  bass tab 
 Call Of The Wild tab  bass tab 
 Denim and Leather tab  bass tab 
 Devil Rides Out bass tab 
 Everybody Up bass tab 
 Fire In The Sky tab 
 Freeway Mad tab 
 Frozen Rainbow tab 
 Gonna Shout bass tab 
 Heavy Metal Thunder tab 
 Hold On bass tab 
 Just Let Me Rock bass tab 
 Motorcycle Man tab 
 Motorcycle Man tab 
 Never Surrender tab 
 Out Of Control tab 
 Play It Loud tab 
 Power and The Glory tab 
 Princess Of The Night tab 
 Rock City bass tab 
 Rockin' Again bass tab 
 Rough And Ready tab 
 Sailing To America bass tab 
 See The Light Shining tab 
 Solid Ball Of Rock tab 
 Stand Up And Be Counted tab 
 Street Fighting Gang tab 
 Strong Arm of the Law tab  bass tab 
 Wheels Of Steel tab