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Unleashed tabs
 ...And The Laughter Has Died tab 
 Before The Creation Of Time tab 
 Countess Bathory tab 
 Dead Forever tab 
 Death Metal Victory tab  bass tab 
 Don't Want to Be Born tab 
 Execute Them All tab 
 For They Shall Be Slain tab 
 Forever Goodbye (2045) tab 
 Hell's Unleashed tab 
 Hero Of The Land tab 
 If They Had Eyes tab 
 In Hellfire tab 
 In The Name Of God tab 
 Never Ending Hate tab 
 Onward Into Countless Battles tab 
 Open Wide tab 
 Shadows In The Deep tab 
 The Dark One tab 
 The Defender tab 
 The Immortals tab 
 To Asgaard We Fly tab 
 Unleashed tab 
 Victims Of War tab 
 Violent Ecstasy tab 
 Where Life Ends tab 
 Where No Life Dwells tab