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  An Evening of Yes Music Plus (1994)

An Evening of Yes Music Plus tabs
01. Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra (live)
02. Time and a Word/Owner of a Lonely Heart/Teakbois
03. The Clap/Mood for a Day (live/medley)
04. Gone But Not Forgotten/Catherine Parr/Merlin the Magician
05. Long Distance Runaround (live)
06. Birthright (live)
07. And You and I: Cord of Life/Eclipse/The Preacher the Teacher/Apocalypse (live)
08. Starship Trooper: Life Seeker/Disillusion/Würm (live)
09. Close to the Edge: The Solid Time of Change/Total Mass Retain/I Get Up
10. Themes: Sound/Second Attention/Soul of the Warrior (live)
11. Brother of Mine: The Big Dream/Nothing Can Come Between Us/Long Lost B
12. Heart of the Sunrise (live)
13. Order of the Universe: Order Theme/Rock Gives Courage/It's Hard to Gro
14. Roundabout (live)

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